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Syfx SuperMIC consists of an audiophile quality compander and other proprietary filtering algorithms with the following specifications:

  • High-fidelity, distortion-free
  • Wideband, supports all sampling rates
  • Includes a filtering algorithm to improve voice recognition
  • Enhances intelligibility and voice recognition more than 20ft and 360º from single low-cost microphone
  • Fast attack and variable release with no distortion (no clicks, pops or dead spots) enhances voice recognition with multiple speakers
  • Adds as little as 4ms delay
  • Low computational power due to single band implementation
  • Configurable on-the-fly for a variety of situations/environments and desired performance
  • Supports stereo and multiple channels while preserving spatial effect
  • Complements other Audio processing functions (CODEC, Acoustic Echo Canceller, noise filters, voice recognition, etc.)
  • Supports microphone arrays and complements beam forming
  • No calibration required


The following waveforms were captured from the conferencing demo.  In this conferencing demo, Mike is a moderate speaker, Paul is a loud speaker and Megan is a soft speaker.  Compared to the acoustic source, all the speakers sound louder.  Most importantly, you will notice the instantaneous gain adjustment with no overshoots or undershoots and the lack of distortion.  If you listen to the demo, you will hear a more intelligible conference call. 

Waveform Comparison 

You can listen to various SuperMic demos on our Demos page

To receive a Syfx Specification and Implementation Guide or a copy of our Windows evaluation software, contact Syfx Tekworks at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.