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The standard method for fitting a wide dynamic range source into a smaller dynamic Compression Limiterrange is compression limiting. Many manufacturers limit their maximum sound output by severely compressing the output level above a threshold. This results in flattening the sound above a given threshold, causing sounds to become flat and unrealistic.  Below the threshold, the sound is linear and soft sounds are still soft; you still can't hear the quiet parts.  

Another problem with compression limiters is that in order to avoid distortion at lower frequencies, slow attack & releases are used that can result in clipping or under amplification of the signal.


Syfx CompanderWhile Syfx technology can implement compression limiters, the superior method is to smoothly and evenly compress the larger dynamic range into a smaller range, without amplifying the noise floor. In this manner, Syfx provides an audio signal that maintains the feel of the original signal, preserving the excitement and intensity of the climax or turning points of the music or program. And it does this without adding any distortion or increased noise, a “must” for audiophiles.

You can experience Syfx audiophile-quality compander here.