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Do you know that listening to loud music with your headphones or earphones can damage your hearing? Wouldn't it be way cool if your player automatically adjusted the volume based on the amount of background noise? And then lowers it when the noise goes away, protecting your hearing.

IQFi is for people on the go who listen to music or watch tv shows on Portable Media Players and Smartphones, frequently encountering noisy environments. Noise levels can change dramatically in a second or two. Instead of constantly turning the volume up and down, most people just jam the volume control to maximum and leave it there, even when the noise is gone, which will damage your hearing. Many teenagers just like listening to loud music. Current volume level limiting solutions do not allow listening in noisy environments.

The Syfx IQFi Auto Volume Control keeps the volume low, protecting your hearing, and quickly increases the output level only when required in noisy environments. It senses only the background noise so people can talk to you without the volume level changing. And the output is high-fidelity stereo free from distortion typically induced by fluctuating noise levels.

The number displayed at the bottom of the screen is the noise level in dBA.