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Telephony EquipmentAudio processing is at the heart of network telephony equipment controlled by our phone carriers.  The network contains Automatic Gain Controls (AGCs) that determine how loud and how well we hear each other.  Most telephony AGCs are not very sensitive, cutting off soft speakers and they are slow to respond to sudden changes in loudness, as it is the case when speakers of different loudness engage in a conference call.

Syfx SuperMIC can be embedded in network telephony equipment to provide a better listening experience to service subscribers.  SuperMIC consumes very low MIPS making it suitable for telephony equipment needing to support tens or hundreds of lines at a time.  SuperMIC also adds as low as 5mseconds of delay, making it undetectable by the human ear.

You can experience Syfx SuperMIC by watching the following SuperMic Conferencing demo.  

You can evaluate Syfx SuperMIC now by requesting a copy of our Windows application at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .