Syfxweblogo - Sized

Girl with Headset - SizedThere's nothing like music when you're on the go. You start your portable music player, lock the keyboard, and toss it into your backpack or purse and you're running to the music. Which is great, until it gets noisy; and you have to dig through your backpack, unlock the keyboard, adjust the volume and toss it back.  And of course, when it gets quiet, you go through the same hassle ... if you happen to notice.

Many teenagers just leave the volume as loud as possible which, many studies show, can damage their hearing.

Noise isolating headphones block out all environmental noise and are very dangerous in public places because the user becomes completely unaware of his/her surrounding and upcoming dangers (ambulances, busses, trucks, even trains).

Syfx IQFi constantly monitors the noise level and it adjusts the level non-intrusively up or down depending on the amount of noise.  Not only is it safe; it’s teenage cool too!

You can experience Syfx IQFi  by watching the following IQFi  demo.