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Mobile Conferencing with iPhoneConsumers and business people are increasingly using their smart phones and tablets to conduct conference calls with family members, business associates and customers.  Syfx SuperMIC turns a smart phone or tablet into a professional conferencing system, only utilizing a single microphone.  It significantly improves mobile conferencing intelligibility by making every speaker sound louder especially those speaking softly or far from the microphone without distorting the near-field speakers.   Unlike the technology deployed in most mobile devices on the market today, SuperMIC also responds instantaneously to changes in speaker loudness without attenuating or over-amplifying.

You can experience SuperMIC by listening to the following conferencing demo.  Noise for IQFi Small

You can evaluate Syfx SuperMIC now by requesting a free copy of our Windows application at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Household noises such as those coming from a dishwasher or vacuum cleaner or those generated by children toys, a TV or stereo are very common and can be distracting.  Similarly, noise in the office environment such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners can distract from an important conference call with a customer or investor.  Syfx IQFi technology can be implemented on the speaker end to automatically and non-intrusively increase the volume in the presence of stationary noise and reset the volume to the original level once the noise goes away so you don’t miss a single word said in the conversation.  

You can experience Syfx IQFi by listening to the following IQFi demo