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Landline Phone ConferencingWhen you are listening in your hotel room on a conference call to a room with multiple people in it, you invariable can’t hear what some of the people are saying. It is embarrassing to have to continually say, “could you say that again.” You can hear the person nearest the microphone, but a faint voice at the end of the conference table sounds like scrambled eggs.  And if an air conditioner or fan is running or there is background ambient street noise — you really have problems hearing what is being said.

Consumer landline phones have become very inexpensive but in the process, they have lost audio quality and sensitivity.  Soft speakers are hard to hear and often cut-off completely and conferencing capabilities only mean that the phone can be set only a couple of feet away from the mouth.  

Syfx SuperMIC technology is inexpensive and it improves sensitivity and distance speaking intelligibility more than 20 feet away from the phone.  People yelling by the phone won’t tear a whole in the listener ear either because SuperMIC instantaneously adjusts the gain to a pleasant loudness level without causing any distortion.

You can experience SuperMIC by listening to the following conferencing demo.  

You can evaluate Syfx SuperMIC now by requesting a free copy of our Windows application at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Noise for IQFi SmallNoise in the office environment such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners can distract from an important conference call with a customer or investor.  Syfx IQFi technology can be implemented on the speaker end to automatically and non-intrusively increase the volume in the presence of stationary noise and reset the volume to the original level once the noise goes away so you don’t miss a single word said in the conversation.  

You can experience Syfx IQFi by listening to the following IQFi demo.