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In-Car EntertainmentHaving kids watch movies in the car on a long journey is an excellent way to keep them entertained and make the journey more pleasant for the kids and parents.  Unfortunately, road noise can be annoying and distracting and there exists some solutions to enjoy a good movie experience on the road.  

Noise canceling headphones will address the road noise problem but they tend to completely isolate the child from his/her surrounding making it very difficult for parents to engage them.  They are also expensive.

Most kids with standard headphones or earphones crank up the volume to the maximum level, which damages their hearing after long exposure.  

Syfx IQFi constantly monitors the noise level and it adjusts the level non-intrusively up or down depending on the amount of noise.  Not only is it safe; it’s inexpensive and it’s teenage cool too!

You can experience Syfx IQFi  by watching the following IQFi  demo.