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couple-watching-television Sized SmallWatching TV and especially a movie can sometime become annoying.  Have you ever turned up the volume so you could hear what was being said, then moments later had the sound become too loud? You then turn down the volume; it becomes quiet again, so you turn it up, again and again in an endless cycle! The same situation occurs when you change channels and, in many countries, obnoxious commercials are louder than the program.

Have you ever had your spouse tell you the television is too loud, but if you lower the volume, you no longer understand what is being said?

Most TV manufacturers have embedded Audio TV settings to offer consumers more listening options but the settings are too difficult for the average user and are rarely used.  

Syfx technology can solve all these problems.

Syfx IQFi implements Intuitive Sound Management to minimize Audio/Volume adjustments.  Syfx Intuitive Sound Management technology will transparently adjust the loudest and softest scenes to the way you want -- a small dynamic range for late night listening or a huge range for a movie theater experience - all through the standard volume control - and without any special modes or menus to traverse.

You can experience Syfx Intuitive Sound Management by watching the following Intuitive Sound Management demo.