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IOS library can be integrated in Audio applications for enhanced intelligibility

ORINDA, CALIFORNIA – December 2, 2013 – Syfx Tekworks, an innovative software and IP Audio company, today announced the immediate availability of SyIOSApp™, an IOS Compander Software Developer Kit (SDK) that will allow customers to evaluate and integrate the Syfx distortion-free, instant-response compander library with a variety of iPhone and iPad Audio applications. The Syfx IOS compander library, referred to as “Syfx Audio Boost”, will enhance the intelligibility of soft speakers in a variety of audio applications including mobile communication, conferencing, mobile surveillance and recorder applications.

“I am pleased to announce the achievement of a major milestone in the company’s evolution”, said Syfx President, Elie Massabki. “With the availability of SyIOSApp and an IOS library, Syfx is now entering the mobile application market and making our high-quality audio algorithms available to mobile consumers. We are now working with several IOS application developers and we will be making announcements of new products incorporating Syfx technology in the coming months.”

About SyIOSApp and Syfx Audio Boost
SyIOSApp is a Software Developer Kit (SDK) that implements all the functions of Syfx Audio Boost library in an IOS application. Syfx Audio Boost offers three modes of operation: High Fidelity, Standard and Whisper. The High Fidelity setting is ideal for recording music and speeches that require a minimum boost in volume. The Standard setting is ideal for most voice recordings where the main speaker is distant from the microphone and the Whisper setting boosts intelligibility of speakers who are very distant from the microphone or speaking very softly.

SyIOSApp is free and it can be requested by contacting Syfx at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

About Syfx Tekworks (
Syfx Tekworks is an Audio IP and software company with unique and patented high-fidelity Audio technology. Syfx SuperMIC is ideal for effective mobile, landline and VoIP conferencing using a single microphone, audio zooming to complement video zooming cameras in mobile phones and camcorders, higher accuracy voice recognition software and high-quality audio reception for security applications. Syfx Audio Boost improves intelligibility in mobile applications including communication, mobile surveillance and recorder applications. Syfx Intuitive Sound Management (ISM) is used for intuitive volume adjustment in TVs, home theaters and professional audio equipment. Syfx IQFi is a noise detector with automatic volume adjustment, ideal for headphones, portable media players and conferencing. Syfx flagship products include a distortion-free, low-power and fast-acting compander, a very accurate noise detector and automatic volume adjustment algorithms. Syfx is headquartered in Orinda, California.

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