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Windows program makes it easy for companies to evaluate Syfx Audio software in their own labs

ORINDA, CALIFORNIA – July 23, 2013 – Syfx Tekworks, an innovative software and IP Audio company, today announced the immediate availability of SyWinApp™, a Windows™ 7-based application that will allow customers to easily evaluate its distortion-free, instant-response compander algorithm, embedded in its flagship SuperMIC™ and IQFi™ software.  

SyWinApp™ takes Audio WAV files as input; it provides the user with several configurable parameters such as the Compression Ratio and Gain functions suitable for a variety of applications and it outputs a processed WAV file.  The supported applications include conferencing, security surveillance, headsets/headphones and camera/camcorders.    

“With SyWinApp, our customers and partners can connect their own microphones and test setups and gain confidence in the capabilities of our technology in various electronics and hardware settings” said Syfx President, Elie Massabki.  “They can also appreciate the value that it adds to their various algorithms such as echo cancelers, beamformers and other filtering algorithms.”
SyWinApp will enable customers to evaluate and gain confidence in Syfx technology before buying it and it will shorten their overall evaluation and testing effort.  A free copy of SyWinApp can be requested by emailing Syfx at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

About SuperMIC and IQFi
Syfx SuperMIC in an input-side software consisting of an audiophile quality, instant-response compander and other proprietary filtering algorithms.  Syfx SuperMIC is ideal for enhancing intelligibility in conferencing, security surveillance and camcorder applications.  

Syfx IQFi is an output side software that consists of a very accurate noise detector, an automatic volume control algorithm and an optional high-fidelity compander. IQFi is ideal for conferencing, music-listening and movie watching as it adds unprecedented levels of convenience and practicality to end users.

Demonstrations of SuperMIC and IQFi can be found at

About Syfx Tekworks
Syfx Tekworks is an Audio IP and software company with unique and patented high-fidelity Audio technology for effective mobile, landline and VoIP conferencing using a single microphone, audio zooming to complement video zooming cameras in mobile phones and camcorders, higher accuracy voice recognition software, intuitive volume adjustment for TVs, noise detector with automatic volume adjustment for portable media players and during conferences and high-quality audio reception for security applications. Syfx flagship products include a distortion-free, low-power and fast-acting compander, a very accurate noise detector and automatic volume adjustment algorithms. Syfx is headquartered in Orinda, California.